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    1-9 level deep customization
    Meet customer needs
    24-hour professional technical support
    VIP 1 to 1 service

    1-9 level deep customization <br> Meet customer needs <br>24-hour professional technical support <br>VIP 1 to 1 service
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    • OLTwith Intelligent Network Management

      <span class=OLTwith Intelligent Network Management">
      • Humanized web management
      • Private intelligent OMCI protocol
      • Auto plug
      • Full function L3 layer management protocol
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    • Routerfor Automatic Networking with ONU

      <span class=Routerfor Automatic Networking with ONU">
      • Unique ONU easy mesh automatic networking
      • APP available
      • 360° whole-house WiFi coverage
      • Support web UI management
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    • Full Inspection Compatible SFP

      <span class=Full Inspection Compatible SFP">
      • Support kinds of brand SWITCHES
      • CWDM / DWDM high-level materials in stock
      • Comply with various certifications
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    • Switcheswith Lightning-quick Configuration

      <span class=Switcheswith Lightning-quick Configuration">
      • 10 / 100 / 1000M adaptive matching
      • Different POE standards are optional
      • Support special function customization
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    company advantages

    • Custom + Technology Dual Core DNA Expert Team

      Global self created ONU deep customization, hardware + software + ID + production lines up to 9 deep customization systems.

    • "Fitting room" developed by technology cooperation

      From appearance design - > structure design - > function design - > software design - > mold design, One stop three-dimensional collaborative R & D helps enterprises to upgrade their products iteratively.

    • Only Focus on optical fiber access equipment ODM, not across lines

      HDV is born for ODM customization. Don’t make brands, sign strategic cooperation agreements, don’t directly contact end customers, and don’t involve upstream and downstream industries. HDV's belief is to make simple business not complicated.

    • "HDV" one-stop service

      HDV's factory is your factory - assisting customers to provide external factory inspection support and full tracking and supporting services, HDV provides 10 levels of service content to escort the OEM.

    • Proper production and delivery

      Modular inventory stocking, zero lead time delivery; fully digital and intelligent manufacturing tracking system;

    • The "trainers" on the road to branding

      We help companies to incubate technical talents, OEM products, assembly lines, and eventually help on branding, marketing, and production as a group company.

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