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    Classification of Optical Modules

    Post time: Jul-05-2022

    The difference between SFF, SFP, SFP+ and XFP optical modules classified according to different packaging types, PON optical modules can be divided into following types;


    SFF optical module: This module is small in size, generally fixed, soldered on a fixed PCBA, and cannot be unplugged. The performance is related and stable, and the influencing factors caused by the unplugging process are reduced.

    SFP:  This module is small in size, but can be plugged in and out. The speed ranges from 100 to 1000 miles per hour. The solution is the most mature and currently has the highest market share.) The better optical module brands for this module are Shenzhen HDV, Hisense, Huawei, Hisilicon, Eosun, etc.

    SFP+: The enhanced module is small in size, can be plugged in, and the rate can exceed 10G, which is much higher than the SFP module, and this module also has an eSFP module before.

    XFP: This is standard small size pluggable, serial transmission rate greater than 10G.


    Optical modules include but are not limited to the above types. If there is a need, Shenzhen HDV photoelectric Technology Company can meet all your customization needs.

    Among them, SFP+, with its advantages of miniaturization (almost the same size as the SFP module) and low cost, meets the high-density optical module requirements of equipment and has gradually replaced XFP as the mainstream of the 10G market.

    The above is the classification of optical modules brought by Shenzhen HDV photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. The module products produced by the company cover optical fiber modules, Ethernet modules, optical fiber transceiver modules, optical fiber access modules, SSFP optical modules, and SFP optical fibers. modules, etc. The above module products can provide support for different network scenarios.

    For the above products, a professional and powerful R&D team can provide technical support for customers, and a thoughtful and professional business team can provide high-quality services for customers in the early consultation and later work. Welcome you to contact us for any kind of inquiry.


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