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    Introduction of optical fiber transceiver network management function

    Post time: Jul-29-2021

    Network management is the guarantee of network reliability and a way to improve network efficiency. The operation, management and maintenance functions of the network management can greatly increase the available time of the network, and improve the utilization rate, network performance, service quality, security and economy of the network. benefit. However, the manpower and material resources required to develop an Ethernet optical fiber transceiver with network management functions far exceeds that of similar products without network management functions. The main manifestations are:

    (1) Hardware investment. The realization of the network management function of the Ethernet optical fiber transceiver requires the configuration of a network management information processing unit on the transceiver circuit board to process network management information, which uses the management interface of the media conversion chip to obtain management information. The management information shares the data channel with ordinary data on the network. Ethernet fiber optic transceivers with network management functions have more types and quantities than similar products without network management functions. Correspondingly, the wiring is complicated and the development cycle is long. Fiberhome Networks has been committed to the research and development of optical fiber transceiver products for a long time. In order to optimize product design, make products more stable, and enhance product functions, we independently developed optical fiber transceiver media conversion chips to make the product more integrated and effectively reduce the unstable factors caused by multi-chip collaborative work. The newly developed chip has a number of practical functions such as on-line inspection of optical fiber line quality, fault location, ACL, etc., which can effectively protect user investment and greatly reduce user maintenance costs.

    (2) Software investment. In addition to hardware wiring, software programming is more important for the development of Ethernet optical modules with network management functions. The network management software development workload is relatively large, including the graphical user interface part, the embedded system part of the network management module, the network management information processing unit of the transceiver circuit board, and so on. Among them, the embedded system of the network management module is particularly complicated, and the threshold for research and development is high, and an embedded operating system, such as VxWorks, linux, etc., is required. Need to complete SNMP agent, telnet, web and other complex software work.

    (3) Debugging work. The debugging of the Ethernet optical module with network management function includes two parts: software debugging and hardware debugging. In the debugging process, any factors in the circuit board wiring, component performance, component soldering, PCB board quality, environmental conditions and software programming will affect the performance of the Ethernet fiber optic transceiver. The commissioning personnel must have comprehensive qualities, and comprehensively consider the various factors of the transceiver failure.

    (4) Staff input. The design of ordinary Ethernet fiber optic transceivers can be completed by only one hardware engineer. The design work of the Ethernet optical fiber transceiver with network management function requires hardware engineers to complete circuit board wiring, as well as many software engineers to complete network management programming, and requires close cooperation of software and hardware designers.

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