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    Thermal imaging smart helmet

    Post time: Apr-24-2020

    Analysis of the N901 smart helmet for anti-epidemic artifacts-China’s scientific and technological power that cannot be ignored in anti-epidemic

    The intelligent helmet N901 can be deployed flexibly, thanks to its compact weight. Due to the use of optical drive technology, the core research and development achievements of metamaterial technology, and the selection of advanced fighter materials, the weight of the helmet shell of the N901 smart helmet is less than 180 grams, and the overall weight of the helmet is less than 1200 grams.All-weather augmented reality technology, wide viewing angle, virtual screen up to 74 inches, to ensure that the wearer has a good visual feeling and is not easy to fatigue; using a variety of aviation-grade technologies and processes, such as aviation-grade goggles, can prevent droplets and infections, It can also be scratch-resistant, anti-fog, anti-fingerprint, even if the car is rolled, it will not be damaged and deformed; for example, using aviation-grade heat dissipation technology and controllable technology, it can support the staff for 8 hours of long standby without overheating.

    This artificial intelligence police equipment, known as a rework artifact, can realize a temperature measurement mode that is non-sensing, non-contact, and recognizes multiple people within 5 meters. The temperature data of the measured target will be displayed in real time on the wearer’s AR glasses. Once a person with abnormal body temperature is found, the helmet will immediately send out an audible and visual alarm: a reminder will be sent through the headset, and there will be a flashing alarm prompt on the screen.

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    Smart Helmet N901 is a smart helmet that can let the crowd flow through thermal imaging

    By combining the leading AI calibration algorithm with thermal imaging temperature measurement technology, the smart helmet N901 can achieve long-distance multi-person batch inspection of body temperature. The accuracy of body temperature detection can reach ± 0.3 ° C, which can meet the preliminary screening of suspected patients for epidemic prevention and control. The temperature measurement method greatly reduces the risk of cross infection.

    The smart helmet N901 is very convenient to use and deploy. The staff can wear it immediately. As long as the person in the car shows his face and scans the staff wearing the helmet at a glance, they can complete the temperature measurement. Within two minutes, the team of hundreds of people can complete fever screening and recording. Without close contact, you can quickly identify each person with fever, so that no one is missing. This non-inductive, batch-type temperature measurement method controls the detection time of each vehicle to about a few seconds, greatly improving the efficiency of highway traffic.

    At the same time, it can also match the person information with the measured body temperature by identifying the two-dimensional code, automatically record and store, without manual entry; the leading AI algorithms such as face recognition, vehicle recognition, certificate recognition and fever screen Combining inspections to achieve core capabilities such as personnel management, vehicle management, and visitor management.


    Traffic police duty


    The smart helmet N901 can not only patrol feverish people everywhere, but also recognize QR codes in real time and automatically record personnel information

    The helmet also has a unique thermal imaging night vision function, which can help the patrol officer to effectively detect the fever personnel and pets at night, and find hidden dangers such as smoldering in time. In addition, the helmet also supports indoor and outdoor single-person multiplayer modes. After the stand-alone version of the smart helmet is upgraded to the cloud network version, it can realize smart public security functions and help the construction of smart cities.

    In addition to the staff ready to use, the thermal imaging smart helmet can also become an “AI temperature measurement door”. Put the helmet on a tripod, and with an Ipad, the helmet can automatically check the flow of people and license plate information, becoming an “AI temperature measurement door”, which truly liberates manpower and improves efficiency.


    Helmet on a tripod

    It is reported that smart helmets have been widely used in high-speed intersections, subways, airports, supermarkets, parks, office buildings, hospitals and other scenes, as well as public security, transportation, medical services and other fields.

    Dubai praises China’s high-tech-thermal imaging smart helmet is an amazing initiative

    In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, some police officers wore high-tech smart helmets that had just been equipped to the streets, patrolling and investigating fever personnel in densely populated areas such as transportation hubs, commercial districts, and communities. This latest high-tech product just introduced from China by the UAE Police Headquarters allows the police wearing it to detect whether the target object is hot within a few meters, and can also target multiple targets after turning on the “multi-person temperature measurement mode” Group detection at the same time, the result can be directly projected on the AR screen in front of the wearer’s eyes, and the fever personnel will automatically sound and light alarm and lock the target.

    According to incomplete statistics, this helmet has been sold in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and has nearly 30 Countries signed an order. More and more countries are using China’s high-tech products as a weapon against the COVID-9 virus epidemic.