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    • By Admin / 18 May 22 / 0 Comments

      PON industry trends

      PON network by OLT (generally in the room), ODN, ONU (generally in the user, or close to the user's corridor location) three parts, among them, the part between OLT to ONU of the line and equipment are passive, so called passive optical network (PON), also called optical...
      PON industry trends
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    • By Admin / 03 Mar 22 / 0 Comments

      Review of JLT Optical Communication paper, January 2022. Part 1

      Optical fiber communication   Irene Estebanez et al. from The Institute of Physics and Complex Systems in Spain used the extreme Learning Machine (ELM) algorithm to recover the received data of the optical fiber transmission system, as shown in Figure 1.  Experimental research is carried out in 1...
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    • By Admin / 01 Sep 20 / 0 Comments

      CIOE 2020 (The 22nd China International Optoelectronic Exposition)

        CIOE 2020 (The 22nd China International Optoelectronic Exposition) will be held on September 9-11, 2020 at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. With better organized floor plan, CIOE 2020 will continue to present the entire optoelectronic ecosystem including information ...
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    • By Admin / 13 Mar 20 / 0 Comments

      Evolution history of 2G to 5G optical communication modules

      Development of wireless optical communication modules: 5G networks, 25G / 100G optical modules are the trend In the beginning of 2000, 2G and 2.5G networks were under construction, and the base station connection began to cut from copper cables to optical cables. At first, 1.25G SFP optical modul...
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    • By Admin / 04 Mar 20 / 0 Comments

      March New Trade Festival achieves “Extreme Excitement and Precision”

      The slogan of  HDV at the New Trade Festival: Extreme-Every quality detail is taken seriously and every order is served to the extreme; Excitement-wholeheartedly deal only for customers, and cheer for every self-growth; Accurate-precise matching, precise transaction, and accurate service. Backgr...
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    • By Admin / 07 Jan 20 / 0 Comments

      Development Trend of Optical Fiber Communication Technology

      Optical fiber communication, as one of the main pillars of modern communication, plays an important role in modern telecommunication networks. The development trend of optical fiber communication can be expected from the following aspects. 1.In order to realize increasing information capacity and...
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