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    • By Admin / 04 Aug 22 / 0 Comments

      Error detection code in the Data Link Layer [Explained]

      Error detection code (parity check code): parity check code consists of n-1 bit information unit and 1 bit check element. The N-1 bit information unit is the valid data in the information we send, and the 1-bit check unit is used for error detection and redundancy code.   Odd check: if the n...
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    • By Admin / 03 Aug 22 / 0 Comments

      OSI-Data Link Layer-Error Control [Explained]

      Hello, Readers. In this article I’m going to discuss on OSI-Data Link Layer Error Control with explanation. Let’s start… For understanding the transmission of the data link layer let’s take an example, if the A device needs to communicate with the B device, a communication link ...
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    • By Admin / 02 Aug 22 / 0 Comments

      Error Control in Data Communication System

      Hello Readers, In this article we're going to learn what is Error Control and error control classification.  In the process of data transmission, due to the influence of noise on the channel, the signal waveform may be distorted when it is transmitted to the receiver, re...
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    • By Admin / 20 Jul 22 / 0 Comments

       Abnormal reading of optical module information – check message Statistics

      The function of viewing message statistics: enter “show interface” in the command to view the wrong packets in and out of the port, and then make statistics to determine the growth of the volume, to judge the fault problem. 1) First, CEC, frame, and throttles error packets appear at t...
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    • By Admin / 19 Jul 22 / 0 Comments

      Troubleshooting for DDM abnormalities in optical modules

      When the interface of the installed optical module fails to work properly, you can troubleshoot the problem according to the following three methods: 1)Check the Alarm information of the optical module. Through the alarm information, if there is a problem with reception, it is generally caused by...
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    • By Admin / 18 Jul 22 / 0 Comments

      Optical Power Testing

      The value of the optical power will have the most intuitive and obvious influence on the signal during the transmission process, and this optical power is also the easiest to test. This value can be tested through the optical power. Optical power – use an optical power meter to test whether...
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