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    The Dying gasp of ONU

    Post time: Nov-13-2023

    Dying gasp means that when the system voltage cannot meet the normal operation of the system, the system will automatically send a signal to the head end to tell the head end that the ONU may not work properly, and the head end will give a reaction to release the channel originally arranged for the ONU

    The ONU master chip manufacturer will design a Dying gasp performance module (equivalent to a voltage comparator) in the chip when designing the chip. This module monitors the external input voltage to realize the Dying gasp function. Therefore, within the effective time of Dying gasp signal, all kinds of voltages for the normal operation of the chip cannot be less than the minimum operating voltage described in the specification.. That is to say, the difference between the starting voltage of the monitoring point and the working voltage of the chip cannot be less than the Dying gasp signal time length.

     Dying gasp It translates to "take a breath before death", using the last bit of electricity to send out the last status information. The circuit consisting of two parts:

    1. Large capacitor energy storage. When the external input fails, the time for the energy stored in the large capacitor to be released to be able to work for the whole system to breathe again is generally several ms. In ONU equipment, it is generally controlled at more than 10ms. The circuit is simple - large capacitor (electrolytic capacitor, capacity and power consumption of the system and the range of voltage can be regulated), diode, voltage comparator. The function of the capacitor here is to store energy, the diode does free flow, and the voltage comparator realizes the voltage comparison to trigger the interrupt signal..

    2. The main chip of ONU has an input pin to monitor the voltage comparator level. When the Dying gasp is triggered, it can send an interrupt signal, making the system enter the state of "making a will", and finally send a certain length of signal to the head end within a few ms

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