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    Low-latency 10G PON solution helps PON technology be applied in new campuses

    Post time: Dec-31-2019

    PON technology has become the mainstream technology for home broadband, and it is also increasingly applied to enterprise leased lines. In addition, because of its simple two-level all-optical architecture, PON has also become more and more widely used in enterprise parks and industrial control.

    With the emerging park applications represented by high-definition video conferencing, intelligent security, mobile office, and low-latency industrial production control, users have become increasingly demanding for high-bandwidth and low-latency PON technology, and PON technology is undergoing upgrades. Renewal. At present, mainstream domestic operators are upgrading GPON to 10G PON technology to meet high-bandwidth application requirements. However, the industry is still discussing how to meet the technical needs of low-latency scenarios such as high-end government and enterprise users and industrial production control.

    Low-latency 10G PON solution. As shown in the figure below, the GPON & 10G PON Combo PON is used on the OLT side, and the ONU is used on the ONU side. This solution moves ranging and windowing control and management functions from the 10G PON channel to the GPON channel. The 10GPON channel delay can be reduced to less than 100 microseconds.


    This solution can directly use the Combo PON OLT equipment that has been widely deployed, and the ODN network can also remain unchanged, so it has good inheritance. The introduction of a low-latency ONU can help operators quickly provide low-latency services.

    The low-latency PON can well meet the requirements of the following scenarios.

    (1) Enterprise leased line: On the basis of 10G PON providing enterprises with large bandwidth leased lines, the delay is further reduced from milliseconds to microseconds to achieve “excellent leased lines”.

    (2) Industrial park: In the industrial park, realize the all-optical green park network of fiber-to-machine, fiber-to-meeting room, and fiber-to-office. Low-latency PON solves the delay problem of industrial PON and can meet the low-latency requirements of industrial control.