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    Mpls-multi-protocol Label Switching

    Post time: Jul-06-2024

    Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a new IP backbone network technology. MPLS introduces the connection-oriented label switching concept on connectionless IP networks, and combines Layer-3 routing technology with Layer-2 switching technology, giving full play to the flexibility of IP routing and the simplicity of Layer-2 switching. The MPLS layer lies between the network layer and the link layer, as shown in the following figure:


    MPLS is widely used in large-scale networks (such as OLT devices with routing and forwarding). It has the following advantages:

    (1) In MPLS networks, devices forward packets according to short labels of fixed length, eliminating the tedious process of searching IP routes through software, and providing a high-speed and efficient way for data transmission in the backbone network.

    (2) MPLS is located between the link layer and the network layer, it can be built on a variety of link layer protocols (such as PPP, ATM, frame relay, Ethernet, etc.), for a variety of network layers (IPv4, IPv6, IPX, etc.) to provide connection-oriented services, compatible with various existing mainstream network technologies.

    (3) Support for multi-layer labels and connection-oriented features, making MPLS widely used in VPN, traffic engineering, QoS and other aspects.

    (4) It has good scalability and can provide customers with various services on the basis of MPLS network.

    The above is Shenzhen HDV Phoeletron Technology Ltd. to bring customers about “MPLS-multi-protocol label switching” introduction article, and our company is a specialized production of optical network manufacturers, the products involved are ONU series, optical module series, OLT series, transceiver series and so on, there are various specifications of products for different scene needs for network support. Welcome to inquire.


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