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    Post time: Jul-06-2024

    VPN is a remote access technology, which simply means using a public network link (usually the Internet) to set up a private network. For example, one day the boss sends you on a business trip to a place where you want to access the internal network of the unit, this access is a remote access. How can you access the Intranet? The solution to the VPN is to set up a VPN server on the Intranet. The VPN server has two network cards, one connecting to the Intranet and one connecting to the public network. After you connect to the Internet in the field, find the VPN server through the Internet, and then use the VPN server as a springboard to enter the enterprise Intranet. To ensure data security, the communication data between the VPN server and the client is encrypted. With data encryption, data can be considered to be securely transmitted over a dedicated data link, just as if a dedicated network were set up. However, in fact, the VPN uses a public link on the Internet, so it can only be called a virtual private network, that is, the VPN is essentially the use of encryption technology to encapsulate a data communication tunnel on the public network. With VPN technology, whether users are on a business trip or working at home, as long as they can access the Internet, they can use VPN to access Intranet resources very conveniently, which is why VPN is so widely used in enterprises.

    The above is a brief introduction of the “VPN” remote access technology brought by our company for customers. Shenzhen HDV Phoeletron Technology Co Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in communication equipment as the main products: olt onu, ac onu, Communication onu, optical fiber onu, catv onu, gpon onu, xpon onu, etc., the above equipment can be applied to different life scenarios, and the corresponding ONU series products can be customized according to their own needs. Our company can provide professional and superb technical support. Looking forward to your visit.