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    Basic Knowledge About GPON optical module

    Post time: Jul-26-2022

    Nowadays, with the continuous optimization and upgrading of optical fiber modules, PON (passive optical fiber network) has become an important way to carry broadband access network services. PON is divided into GPON and EPON. GPON can be said to be an upgraded version of EPON. This article, etu-link, brings you to understand the GPON optical module.

    Basic Knowledge About GPON optical module, Basic Knowledge About GPON SFP Transceivers, What is GPON module, What is GPON and how it works, sfp gpon module

    First of all, GPON technology is superior to EPON in terms of bandwidth utilization, cost, multi-service support, OAM functions and other aspects. GPON uses scrambling code as the line code, only changing the code without increasing the code, so there is no bandwidth loss. In terms of single bit cost, the cost is low with Gigabit’s high-speed rate. Due to its unique packaging form, it can well support ATM services and IP services. OAM is rich in information, including bandwidth authorization allocation, dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA), link monitoring, protection switching, key exchange, and various alarm functions.

    The GPON system optical module requirements are divided into three levels: A, B, and C. The optical indicators of each level are different. At present, it is mainly divided into classes b+ and c+. The receiving power range of the ONU side is generally about 1-2dBm less than that of the OLT side. The differences are as follows:

    Basic Knowledge About GPON optical module, Basic Knowledge About GPON SFP Transceivers, What is GPON module, What is GPON and how it works, sfp gpon module

    The main function of the GPON ONU  optical module is to receive and emit light, which is realized by the laser, convert the modulated electrical signal into an optical signal and input it into the optical fiber network for transmission. The receiver receives the light, amplifies the received light and converts it into an electrical signal to the system for signal processing to obtain useful information.The package type is SFP, SC interface, the transmission rate is 1.25g/2.5g, the transmission distance can reach 20km. The transmission wavelength is 1310nm and the receiving wavelength is 1490nm. The DDM digital diagnosis function is supported, and the working temperature of commercial grade (0 °C – 70 °C) and industrial grade (-40 °C – +85 °C) is optional.

    The GPON OLT optical module is packaged with SFP, SC interface, 2.5g/1.25g transmission rate, 20km transmission distance, 1490nm transmission wavelength, 1310nm receiving wavelength, and support for DDM digital diagnosis function, making it suitable for optical line terminals.


    The above is the knowledge explanation of GPON optical module brought by Shenzhen HDV photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. The module products produced by the company cover optical fiber modules, Ethernet modules, optical fiber transceiver modules, optical fiber access modules, SSFP optical modules, and SFP optical fibers, etc. The above module products can provide support for different network scenarios. A professional and strong R&D team can help customers with technical issues, and a thoughtful and professional business team can help customers get high-quality services during pre-consultation and post-production work.  Welcome you to contact us for any kind of inquiry.