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    Classification of Switches

    Post time: Sep-23-2022

    There are many types of switches on the market, but there are also different functional differences, and the main features are different. It can be divided according to the broad sense and scale of application: 

    1) First of all, in a broad sense, network switches can be divided into two categories: separate WAN switches and LAN switches. 
    The main area where WAN switches are used in telecommunications is They give users a basic platform for communication that can meet the needs of multiple users. The transmission rates of different users won’t interfere with each other. 
    For LAN switches, this is more focused on the LAN, which is used to connect more terminal devices, such as building the same network segment for a PC and a network printer. 
    In terms of transmission media and transmission speed, they can be divided into Ethernet switches, fast Ethernet switches, gigabit Ethernet switches, FDDI switches, ATM switches, and token ring switches. 

    2) In terms of scale and application, they can be divided into enterprise-level switches, department-level switches, and workgroup switches. The standards of different manufacturers are not completely consistent. Generally speaking, enterprise-level switches are rack-type, while departmental switches can be rack-type (with fewer slots) or fixed configuration, while workgroup-level switches are fixed-configuration types (with simple functions). On the other hand, from the perspective of application scale, as a backbone switch, the switches that support large enterprise applications with more than 500 information points are enterprise-level switches, and the switches that support medium-sized enterprises with less than 300 information points are department-level switches, and the switches that support less than 100 information points are workgroup level switches. 

    The above is the explanation of the “Classification of Switches” brought by Shenzhen HDV Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Welcome to inquiry us for any kind of optical communication equipment product.