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    High Performance DC Output 36~72V FTTH 4 PON Ports Gepon Epon OLT

    Short Description:

    This 4 PON port OLT is designed for operator access and enterprise campus network. Its high specifications assure high performance through the optical access network.


    Material: Steel shell

    Size: 440mm×260mm×44mm(L*W*H)

    Weight: ≤4.5Kg

    Product Detail




    Product Tags

    xiangqingolt8口新款04 xiangqingolt4口新款04



    Product Overview:

    EPON OLT series possesses excellent openness, large capacity, high reliability, complete software function, efficient bandwidth utilization and Ethernet business support ability, widely applied to the operator front-end network coverage, private network construction, enterprise campus access and other access network construction.
    There are two kinds of specifications OLT. The OLT provides 4/8 downlink 1.25G EPON ports, 8 * GE LAN Ethernet ports and 4 *10G SFP for uplink. The height is only 1U for easy installation and space saving. It adopts the advanced technology, offering efficient EPON solution. Moreover, it saves a lot cost for operators for it can support different ONU hybrid networking.

    Purchase Information:

    Product name           Product description

    8 * PON port, 8 * GE, 4 * 10G SFP, double AC power supply


    4* PON port, 8 * GE, 4 * 10G SFP, double AC power supply


    Fast 8 port ethernet switch 10 / 100 Mbps network switch Compatible cisco

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