Gbps RPOE network switch

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RPOE switch has intelligent device Power management features solving a major problem of powering  the device for internet service provider. This switch can be powered using remote power from customer using specially designed POE injector or any standard POE injector(24v DC,0.75amp).This eliminates the needs of arranging power at building top (ups not require/No need to pay more money to customer or society).This saves lot of money of ISPs and improves uninterrupted service to the customer.

REVERSE POE TECHNOLOGY: 8 Port 10/100 Reverse POE switch which has latest generation of fast Ethernet reverse POE switching technology. It contains 7*10/100 base T Reverse Poe ports (RPOE),1*10/100 Base date Uplink Port&12V DC out for Powering ONU.

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7*10/100 Base T Reverse POE Ports(RPOE) & 1*10/100 /1000 Base T Uplink Port & 12V DC Power out for Powering ONU10-100-1000M RPOE network switch2

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